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Welcome to the site. You are likely here for one of 3 reasons. Tutoring / oddball curiosities or by accident . To which I recommend you head to Tutoring , Curiosities or anything that catches your interest, respectively.

Curiosities page recently updated with report on infrasound detected , likely originating at the Tonga event.

A sufficiently dramatic graph capturing strange signal , likely originating from the Tonga Eruption.

This site may be worth browsing if you are interested in:-

  • Tuition in Physics , Maths or Geology for A-levels.
  • Short articles on a variety interesting topics with a physics bent. Articles not yet assembled.
  • Following the progress of someone during their gap year before university.

Drop me a line if interested.

Significant Activities

  • Gap year before reading Physics at Durham.
  • A* in Physics ,Geology and Further Maths.
  • Viola player in the Tees Valley Youth Orchestra
  • Contributed to physics paper - Novel infrasound monitor project.
  • Second Paper -Infrasound in Cars - underway.
  • Contributing to UK science on stage festival , Prague 2022.