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19/01/2022 Back again

With a belated Merry Christmas and happy New Year , i've metaphorically got of my backside and updated the website.

While i've been having fun tinkering with programs have a couple things to show for it, I hope to get back into the spirit of thing and plan to update with greater regularity. Though, this may mostly consist of blog updates.

10/11/2021 -Update

Well i've been having some fun , got a book called 'The Mathematics of Secrets' and didn't make it more then a handful of pages in before getting distracted and making a simple python program to hide messages with a caesar cipher, and then on the weekend modified it to work as an Vigenere cipher. lots of fun , currently planning on putting this up on the curios page with some explainations and background.


27/10/2021 -Website uploaded

First entry , website provisionally finished. Still have to work on the curios and about page but its a start.